Family Worship

Our Worship

“Worship is a deliberate, steady, focused time with God.  worship anticipates not only an encounter with God, but also a clear next word from God.  Worship is totally God centered!  God focused!  Out of worship comes a cleared and more focused relationship of faith and obedience with God.  worship is god’s way of developing character and directing the life into the center of His will.  Abram was supremely a worshiper, and his life is a testimony of this fact.  The ultimate outcome of consistent worship is a life  totally yielded to God on God’ terms.  Henry Blackaby, Created to be God’s Friend

Jesus declared that, “The Father is looking for those that will worship Him in Spirit and Truth”. True worship is diverse, not rigid or constrained, expressing itself in many different styles and forms, all in reverence and awe of the Holiness of The Lord. From contemporary and traditional Christian music to spontaneous and prophetic worship along with dance, flags and banners announce the presence of “King Jesus”. Everyone from children, teens to adults come together in praise and worship as family