Intercessory Prayer

Our Prayers for Awakening

It  is time to pray for our Nation, State, and Community along with our own lives and the lives of our loved ones. Worship combined with intercession creates an atmosphere for encountering the Lord, hearing His voice and praying His Will.   The Gate House of Prayer gathers Thursday nights 6:00 to 8:00 PM at Rio Coco Cafe for Worship-Intercession that includes believers from New Hope and other congregations.   Prayer is focused, intentional and strategic addressing every area of life as Holy Spirit leads.  This kind of intercession welcomes the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven and includes declarations and positive proclamations that speak life to people and the Treasure Coast. 

Jesus has all authority and power and as our all mighty God He has given us His authority to pray and speak into our lives, the lives of others and the cities and region we live in.  As our hearts are filled with compassion and we love what Jesus loves we move in greater authority.  Our Prayers are for Vero Beach  and the Treasure Coast, for transformed lives, healing, deliverance and freedom for those held captive by the evil one.  We are praying for churches, ministries and non profit organizations, for families, government and law enforcement, education, the arts, the medical and business communities.  Our prayers are for awakening and transformation.